Instant Ramen

Noodles "ready to eat" to choose from a wide assortment of varieties. Find in this section Noodles with vegetables, chicken and beef; with spicy sauce or soy sauce and seafood toppings, mushrooms, among others. Discover the range of products from one of the most prominent brands in Instant Noodles: Nissin. Samyang, as well as others from Asia.


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Fideos Ramen Coreanos Chapagetti con Salsa Chajang
 Ramen Coreano carbonara  ULTRA HOT Chicken 130g
Fideos Ramen Coreano ULTRA HOT Chicken con queso 140g
Fideos Ramen Coreano Chacharoni jjajang 140g | Samyang
Ramen Shin Coreanos con Kimchi 120g
Ramen Coreanos con Kimchi big bowl 112 g
Tallarines inst. Bowl de Ternera 111g
Ramen instantáneos japonesa sin sobre de condimiento 500g - OneSupermarket
Tallarines ramyum picante 120 g
Spicy ramyum noodles 120 g Sale price€2,65
On sale
Fideos Ramen Buldak coreano con kimchi 135g
Korean Buldak Ramen Noodles with Kimchi 135g Sale priceFrom €2,50 Regular price€3,05
Fideos Ramen Coreano Buldak ULTRA HOT Chicken Curry 140g
Fideos Ramen Salteado Wok Chajang ULTRA HOT Chicken 130g
Tallarin Coreanos Veggie Soon  112g
Instant Korean Tteokbokki 140grs | Original flavor | Pink Rocket
Udon Coreano inst. 119g
Korean Udon inst. 119g Sale price€3,05
Ramen Coreano ULTRA SUPER HOT Chicken 130g
Ramen Coreano Hot Chicken Big bowl 105g | Samyang
Ramen Coreanos Ansungtang con Carne Asada y Miso 125g
Sold out
Fideos Ramen Coreano de patata, Carne y Verduras | Samyang
Sold out
Ramen Coreanos con Salsa Chajang 135g
Tallarines Demae Ramen Instantáneo Ternera 100 g
Ramen Coreano Shin Cup 68g | Nongshim
Sold out
Fideos Ramen Kimchi Coreano 120g | Ottogi
Tallarines inst. bowl de Ternera y mostaza 106g