Did you know that people in Asia eat rice almost every day? In Asia, rice refers to several varieties of short-grain rice, including ordinary rice and glutinous rice. Atomic rice, which is considered the beginning of Japanese rice, was cultivated in the Jomon period about 3,000 years ago. After the war, the rice that became the staple food of the Japanese contains many sources of energy. It has a high digestion and absorption rate, and is also a source of protein that makes up the body. In addition, rice goes well with any side dish, such as fish and meat. Japanese meals, mainly rice-based, are said to have a good nutritional balance and are attracting international attention.


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Arroz para sushi 1kg | Shiro
Sushi rice 1kg | Shiro Sale priceFrom €4,25
Arroz glutinoso 1 kg - OneSupermarket
Glutinous rice 1 kg Sale price€4,95
Arroz Jazmín Tailandés 1kg
Thai Jasmine Rice 1kg Sale price€5,60
Arroz para sushi Japonés 1 kg - OneSupermarket
Arroz para sushi Japonés | Sushi king 1kg
Arroz de levadura roja(GOLDENSMELL)400g
Red yeast rice 400g Sale price€6,95
Arroz para sushi 1kg | Oriental
Sushi rice 1kg | Oriental Sale price€4,65
Arroz jazmín 1 kg - OneSupermarket
Jasmine rice 1kg Sale price€5,95
Arroz glutinoso Tailandés 1kg
Thai sticky rice 1kg Sale price€5,60
Arroz glutinoso negro 400g - OneSupermarket
Black glutinous rice 400g Sale price€4,95
Arroz Negro 400grs | Lyl
Black Rice 400grs | Lyl Sale price€5,75
Arroz integral rojo tailandés 1kg
Thai red brown rice 1kg Sale price€7,50
Arroz glutinoso negro tailandés 1kg
Sushi rice 20kg | Sushima
Sushi rice 20kg | Sushima Sale price€59,95
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Arroz Japonés Kokuho Rose 1kg
Arroz para sushi Japonés 10kg - OneSupermarket
Japanese sushi rice 10kg Sale price€39,95
Arroz rojo integral 1 kg - OneSupermarket
Whole red rice 1 kg Sale price€7,95
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Arroz Japonés Kokuho Yellow Rice 2kg
Arroz glutinoso negro 1 kg - OneSupermarket
Black glutinous rice 1 kg Sale price€8,95