Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki

Okonomiyaki is made with cabbage, flour, eggs, pork or seafood, and other ingredients, all mixed into a dough and then grilled on an iron plate. Despite its simplicity, the relaxed way in which it can be eaten at any time, along with its deep flavor, have made it a beloved food not only in Osaka but throughout Japan. Takoyaki is also said to have originated in Osaka and is similar to Okonomiyaki in that it uses a flour-based dough. Unlike Okonomiyaki, however, it is roasted on a special iron plate with many round holes until it forms attractive round balls about 3-4 cm in diameter. It is one of Japan's typical fast casual foods, consumed as a snack by young and old, men and women alike. Takoyaki translates to "grilled octopus" and, as the name suggests, each ball contains a small piece of octopus as the main ingredient; In addition to its delicious flavor, the texture contrast between the chewy octopus and the melt-in-your-mouth dough holds the secret to Takoyaki's popularity. There are also a number of special sauces and condiments that are indispensable when eating Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki: a special sweet and spicy sauce, as well as mayonnaise, dried bonito flakes and dried green seaweed. We hope everyone comes to experience the delicious flavors and lively atmosphere of Osaka.


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