Beginner Ramen Set

OneSupermarket Beginner Ramen Set specially includes high-quality chopsticks to help beginners enjoy ramen without complications. We have carefully selected delicious ramens from Asia that are fascinating the world. OneSupermarket Ramen Starter Box delivers authentic Asian ramen right to your door.

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🔴Complete Set for Ramen Lovers- includes soup spoon, chopsticks, and 8~10 noodlesAsian/ instant cup noodles.

🔴Exclusive Selection- to get closer to the gastronomic diversity of Asia in Spain, only the best noodles directly from Asia!

🔴Great Variety- among the countless specialties possible in your box are Shin Ramyun, Neoguri, Chapaghetti, Soon Veggie Ramyun, Seafood, Kimchi flavor and Nisshin yakisoba cup noodles.

🔴Perfect Gift Box- Do you know a fan of Japanese or Korean delicacies? For noodle lovers around the world, the OneSupermarket Ramen Box makes a great gift!

Ramen, prepare it yourself at home!

When trying ramen for the first time, there is no doubt that each type of ramen has gained worldwide fame. Many K-pop singers, such as BTS, also enjoy Korean ramen. You can taste aromatic spices, fresh vegetables and delicious noodles of different types, whether in a packet or in a bowl (Koko Men, Samyang, Gomtang, Jin Ramen, Hot Spicy, Shin Ramen). We have made sure to make it wonderful and have worked to improve our creativity!

Enjoy Ramen! As simple as boiling water!

Ramen consists of dry noodles with a packet of spicy seasoning. Basically, all you need to make ramyeon is boiling water. This dish comes in two forms: a rectangular package or a cup. The packet type requires boiling in a pot for up to 10 minutes, while the cup type is even simpler to prepare and requires no cleanup: just add hot water, cover for a minute or two, and then eat straight from the cup. That's all!

Why OneSupermarket Ramen Box is so special

Infinite Variety of Ramen

In the OneSupermarket ramen box you can find a wide range of specialties, such as the famous Shin Ramen in its different versions, Miso Ramen, Seafood Ramen and the spicy Super Spicy Chicken Ramen. The specific products in each OneSupermarket ramen box may vary depending on season and availability, ensuring each box is unique and offers a fresh and exciting experience.

An Amazing Gift for Ramen Lovers

Asian ramens are booming. The OneSupermarket ramen box is the perfect gift for family, friends or any lover of Japanese or Korean cuisine. Surprise them with an exclusive selection of ramens, from the spicy Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen to the creamy Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen. Each box is a culinary adventure and a delight for ramen fans.

Unpack and Enjoy!

Each box you receive is a mystery full of flavors to discover. Unpack and enjoy a unique ramen experience! Share the excitement and delight with all your friends and family. Whether it's movie night, a family gathering, or just a late-night craving, OneSupermarket's ramen box is the perfect choice for any occasion.