The most popular Asian Snacks, As we all know, Asian Snacks are very diverse and we always refresh ourselves. The combination of its ingredients will always surprise us, as long as you try it, you will find that it is so delicious.


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Galleta de la suerte 70g
fortune cookie 70g Sale price€4,75
Mochis de Fresa con relleno de chocolate blanco 80g
Mochis relleno de Chocolate 80g
Caramelo de jengibre 56grs | Sina IndonesiaGingerbread candy 56grs | Sina Indonesia
Patatas Chips con Salsa Teriyaki  Koikeya 100g
Mochi sabor a cacahuete 210g - OneSupermarket
Alga nori crujiente Snack 4.5g - OneSupermarket
Cacahuetes con wasabi y alga nori 105grs
Mochi sabor a coco
Snack Coreano pan de gamba Picante | Nongshim
Mochis de Crema con relleno de chocolate blanco 80grs
Mochi sabor a Frijoles rojos 210g
Red bean flavor mochi 210g Sale price€4,50
Save 20%
Pan de gambas colores | Keropok | 200gPrawn bread | Keropok | 200g
Prawn bread | Keropok | 200g Sale price€2,35 Regular price€2,95
Mochi sabor a taro morado 210g - OneSupermarket
Algas Nori Crujientes Snack | sabor Bulgogi bbq Coreano | 5g*3
Mochis de plátano con relleno de chocolate blanco 80g
Mochis de Durazno 104g
Peach Mochis 104g Sale price€3,60
Patatas Chips con Wasabi Koikeya 100g
Mochis de Matcha con relleno de chocolate blanco 80g
Mango Mochis 200g | bamboo house
Sold out
Algas Nori Crujientes Snack | sabor Aceite de oliva y Uva | 10grs
Galletas de arroz Shelly Senbei 150g
Crispy Nori Seaweed Snack | Kimchi flavor | 4g*3
Prawn Flavor Biscuit 40g
Prawn Flavor Biscuit 40g Sale price€2,95