Chinese traditional medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine uses a variety of herbs and natural substances to treat various diseases and improve overall health. Chinese herbs are used singly or in complex combinations, each with its own flavor, nature, and effects on the body.


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NIN JIOM PEI PA KOA Sale priceFrom €12,95 Regular price€14,95
Caramelo NIN JIOM PEI PA KOA 100% Natural Sabor Menta 60grsCaramel NIN JIOM PEI PA KOA 100% Natural 60grs
Luohanguo Fruta de Monje 4bolas | Eaglobe
Regaliz Trozo regalicia orozuz
Lemon grass seco 100grs | Hein
Baya de Goji Ningxia 200g
Ningxia Goji Berry 200g Sale price€7,95
Semillas de Cassia 300grs | Eaglobe
Flor seca de Cordyceps 35grs
Semilla de Loto 180grs | Eaglobe
Rizoma de Hilo de Oro Chino 20grs | Eaglobe
Lian Zi Xin 30grs | loto Plumule Nelumbins | Eaglobe
Dried Hawthorn Slices 200grs | Eagleglobe
Rebanadas de raíz de Astrágalo 80grs
Dong Quai Rebanada Angelica Seca 100grs | Eaglobe
Ñame Rebanada Seca 120grs | Eaglobe
Cáscara de Mandarina Seco 57grs
Cardamomo 30g | Gusong
Cardamom 30g | gusong Sale price€5,95
Té hierba 76grs | Madreselva con crisantemo y Regaliz
Save 21%
Flor de Madreselva Seca 57grs | Eaglobe
Dried Honeysuckle Flower 57grs | Eagleglobe Sale price€8,50 Regular price€10,74
Hongo de oreja de plata 80grs
Silver ear mushroom 80grs Sale price€5,75
Dried lily flower 150grs
Dried lily flower 150grs Sale price€8,75
Codonopsis pilosula Seca 100grs
Nuez Zorro China 100grs | Eaglobe
Cardamomo Negro 100grs | Eaglobe