Stir-fried Ramen Wok Chajang ULTRA HOT Chicken 130g

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Ramen Noodles Stir Fry Wok Chajang ULTRA HOT Chicken | Samyang

See a fusion of Korean and Chinese culture inspire Samyang's Buldak Jjajang spicy chicken-flavored ramen. Jajangmyeon is a dish consisting of noodles covered in Korean black bean sauce. What does Samyang's Buldak Jjajang ramen taste like? Before adding the sauce, you could see the little bits of vegetables in the noodles. After adding the sauce, the noodles turn brown, which in turn allows the vegetables to blend. It smells good though! Is Samyang Jjajang spicy? Yes, that's how long it takes for the spice to kick in! This is one of the least spicy Samyang noodles I've ever reviewed. No wonder why it was just Hochi's thumb on fire. I would say the carbonara flavor is still the one to try if you are looking for something less spicy.

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