Korean Ramen ULTRA SUPER HOT Chicken 130g

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Korean Ramen ULTRA SUPER HOT Chicken | Let's burn the tongue!

The package has an intimidating red color to show spiciness. To make matters worse, the evil chillies laugh at your disappearance and Hochi is holding a bomb that is about to go off. Have you ever seen something so spicy it almost looked black? Well, that's the color of the flames coming out of Hochi's mouth, so get ready! What does Samyang 2x Spicy Ramen taste like? First impressions, it looks exactly like the original spicy chicken flavored ramen. The noodles are tried and true. We know they'll be good, especially the square-shaped block of ramen. The sweetness of the sauce is still there, although it seems to be very short-lived. After taking a bite, you can feel the spice kick in almost immediately. It's spicy? Oh boy! The 2x spicy noodles aren't bad when you take your first few bites. You might even think "These aren't as bad as I thought" which is exactly what I thought. A few minutes later, you begin to breathe heavily trying to cool your mouth. His nose starts to get wet, but not too much. Sweat starts to form on your forehead but again it's not that much. You swallow noodles instead of chewing well. You start to wonder if you can finish the whole bowl. Yeah, that describes what I went through and I have to admit it was kind of funny.

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