Makgeolli Korean Rice Wine 1L

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Makgeolli is made by fermenting the mixture of boiled rice, wheat and water.

Originally it was quite popular with farmers, so it was known as nongju, which means 'farmer's liquor'. However, recently it has started to become very popular in the cities, and especially among the young population. It is traditionally served in a large metal or wooden bowl from which individual cups or bowls are filled using a saucepan. or also known as makkoli or makuly (takju) is the typical Korean rice wine, a traditional alcoholic beverage originating in Korea. It is made from a mixture of wheat and rice with nuruk, which gives it a whitish color with a sweet touch.

What is Makgeolli?

Makgeolli, a cloudy-looking, effervescent rice wine, is one of the hidden gems of Korean alcoholic culture. This liquor, sweet on the palate and generous for the body, is the perfect company for a wide variety of Korean dishes. In addition, it can be easily made at home, although its unique flavor and charm make it an irreplaceable drink.

Despite being one of the best drinks in existence, Makgeolli remains unknown to many outside of Korea. This rice wine is Korea's oldest liquor, with roots dating back to the Koryo Dynasty (918-1320). Traditionally, Makgeolli was made at home and consumed by farmers. Currently, this drink is experiencing a well-deserved resurgence in Korea and around the world, joining beer and soju as one of the most popular Korean alcohols in both North and South Korea.

Also known as Makkeoli, Nongju ('farmer's drink'), 'Drunken Rice' by the British and, curiously, 'Fight Milk' by the Scottish band Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 in 2018, Makgeolli is a cloudy, bubbly Korean rice wine. The alcoholic beverage is sometimes called nongju, or "farmer's liquor," due to its main ingredient and its history as a midday energizing refreshment for farm workers. This relatively unfiltered drink has a tart flavor thanks to lactobacillus (lactic acid bacteria), also present in yogurt.

To make this traditional Korean alcohol, cooked short grain rice is combined with a fermentation starter known as nuruk, a rice culture similar to Japanese koji. Nuruk is a crumbly, pasty mixture of grains and water inoculated with yeast and beneficial bacteria.

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