Soy sauce

Soy sauce has a history of about 3000 years. Its origin is known as China, but a variety of soy sauces have been developed in Japan and South Korea. Soy sauce is a basic condiment typical of Korea and Japan. It is widely known as a universal seasoning with three basic cooking elements: flavor, aroma and color. Soy sauce is widely used in many different types of foods in Korea, but soy sauce in Japan is one of the most important condiments and most dishes contain soy sauce. Many people think that soy sauce is just one type of soy sauce, but in fact there are very different types of soy sauce. Soy sauce is mainly used for stir-frying and frying, and Tamari soy sauce is used for sushi and teriyaki.


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Salsa de soja oscura 500ml
Salsa de soja ligera 500ml
Salsa de soja 1.9L
soy sauce 1.9L Sale price€10,95
Salsa de soja Coreano Gold F3 500ml | Sempio
Salsa de soja Shoyu 1L 丨Kikkoman
Salsa de soja Poke 975ml 丨Kikkoman
Salsa de soja 1L 丨Kikkoman
Soy sauce 1L 丨Kikkoman Sale price€12,95
Salsa de soja Japonés 500ml | Yamasa
Salsa de soja Dulce Indonesia  | ABCSalsa de soja Dulce Indonesia  | ABC
Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce | ABC Sale priceFrom €7,25
Salsa de soja 760ml
Soy sauce 760ml Sale price€7,65
Salsa soja ponzu KIKKOMAN
Salsa de soja sin gluten 1L 丨Kikkoman
Salsa soja para marisco
Soy sauce for seafood 410ml Sale price€4,75
Salsa de soja 380ml
Soy sauce 380ml Sale price€4,95
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Salsa de soja Japonés baja en sal | Kikkoman 450ml
Salsa de soja dulce 250ml 丨Kikkoman
Salsa de soja dulce champiñon 700ml
Mushroom soy sauce 700ml Sale price€8,95
Salsa de soja Baja en Sal 250ml 丨Kikkoman
Salsa de soja 1L
Soy sauce 1L Sale price€10,95
Salsa de soja Koikuchi Japonés 1L | Sanbishi
Salsa de Soja Japonés Sin Gluten  丨Kikkoman
Salsa de Soja Coreana Para Sopa 500ml
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Salsa Poke Vegana 195ml | Otafuku
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Kombu sauce 300ML Sale price€3,95