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Discover soba, the soul of Japanese food! Japanese buckwheat noodles, known as soba, are a typical dish served both hot and cold. Originating in Edo Province in the 17th century, soba became an essential part of Japanese culinary culture, along with sushi, tempura, and rice bowls.

Today, soba is loved throughout Japan. Especially significant is the custom of "Toshi Koshi Soba", where soba is eaten on the night of December 31 to attract good fortune in the New Year. This tradition symbolizes "sliding gently into the new year" or "cutting off the passing year."

Hot soba is enjoyed with condiments such as seven types of red pepper powder, cold tofu, and wasabi. It is said that you can enjoy the aroma of buckwheat noodles better if you eat them making noise.

Try soba and experience the rich history and customs of Japan with Tsuyu!


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