Seven Spices - Nanami Togarashi- Shichimi 15 g

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The ingredients are pounded in a mortar until they acquire a suitable texture. These ingredients are: chili powder, the skin of a tangerine, sesame, poppy and hemp seeds, nori, chili powder and Sichuan pepper. Shichimi, also known as the 7 Japanese spices, is a unique seasoning in Japanese cuisine. Shichimi consists of a mixture of 7 sweet and spicy species, among which you can find tangerine, poppy and hemp skin, nori seaweed, Sichuan pepper powder, sesame seeds, chili powder. These are the traditional ingredients, although currently according to the manufacturer of the Shichimi, the amounts and ingredients used to make it may vary. The Shichimi is a highly valued species because it brings to the plate such a unique and explosive variety of flavor, that you will want to use the Shichimi to season any dish you prepare. Shichimi is one of the few species that manages to get our palate out of the monotony of flavors and introduce it into an explosion of tastes and sensations as it plays with sweet and spicy flavors. You can use this ingredient in the preparation of meats, fish, soups or even salads. You just have to sprinkle it on top, or add it with a spoon, always being careful with the quantities since Shichimi has such an intense flavor that not everyone likes it excessively. The Shichimi, which is imported from Japan, is one of the best known internationally.

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