Japanese Sake 1.8L

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Japanese sake is a drink designed to be taken during meals.

Its umami flavor enhances the flavors and its low acidity makes it compatible with any food, cleansing the palate and seeking harmony and softness. There is a saying that “sake never fights with food”, not even with vinegary foods or vegetables. So much so that in traditional Japanese restaurants they only have a sake to drink cold and another to drink hot and not a selection to pair as happens with wine. They believe that any quality sake will perfectly accompany all the dishes on the menu. Even so, we can achieve excellent pairings by playing not only with the acidity, sweetness and flavors of the sake, but also with the temperatures. At 40 degrees it increases the sweetness, lactic acidity and umami flavor of the sake. Instead, cold improves citric acidity and lowers sweetness. Each sake and each pairing have their ideal temperature, which is the one that will give us a more balanced and tasty experience.

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