Dried tofu leaves 250g

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Dried Tofu Leaves is a traditional Han national soybean product made by coagulating and drying soybeans after refining, and is common in many places in China. The production process for tofu skin is not complicated. It is the skin that is condensed from the boiled soybean milk in the pot, which is taken out, straightened, and then glued in the middle to become a double-layer semicircle, which is dried The nutritional value. It is rich in high quality protein and has a high nutritional value; Tofu skin contains a large amount of lecithin to prevent hardening of blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular disease, and protect the heart; It also contains a variety of minerals, supplements calcium, prevents osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency, and promotes bone development. Bone growth in children and the elderly is extremely beneficial.

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