Flour for Tempura 400g

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A simple and versatile flour mix for making brilliant batters.

In Japanese cooking, there are so many things to try for deep-frying in tempura batter that it helps to have a handy yet authentic tempura flour like this one ready. Pre-mixed with egg, all this flour needs to do is gently whisk or stir with water to create a small, somewhat lumpy mixture that's perfect for a light, crispy coating when frying. With iced or sparkling water, you can keep the dough at a healthy thinness, with the flour packing all the flavor you need to add that much-loved Japanese twist to your favorite toppings. As a complete mix, this flour is a handy cooking staple, capable of forming the base for okonomiyaki pancakes, other fried foods, and even cake baking, with a helpful dose of baking powder included.

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