Cinnamon stick 50g

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Cinnamon stick is a classic. It is one of those foods that we have been using for centuries and has never gone out of style. On the contrary, over the years, impressive qualities of cinnamon sticks or ground have been discovered. It was already used as medicine in Ancient Greece. However, the health benefits of cinnamon were discovered much later… and almost by accident! A study at the Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland, USA, surprisingly found that after eating an apple pie with cinnamon, blood sugar levels dropped. Subsequent studies as a result of this discovery, detected that cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon contains a polyphenol, MHCP, which activates insulin receptors and acts jointly on cells. In addition, it demonstrated some ability to slightly lower cholesterol. Hence, its daily consumption (2 to 4 grams) is so recommended in people with high sugar. Other benefits of cinnamon Antiseptic, bactericidal, antiparasitic and antifungal. It is also applied in cases of respiratory diseases, since it is anti-inflammatory and expectorant, at the same time that it helps to reduce fever by increasing sweating. It is recommended in certain diseases related to the circulatory system since it prevents the formation of thrombi, is antisclerotic and antiplatelet. Very useful for problems related to peripheral circulation. Cinnamon is also considered one of the greatest aphrodisiacs due to its great capacity to increase sexual desire and libido. In fact, there are those who recommend the consumption of this spice in cases of erection problems.

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