Algae agar agar 40g

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What is agar-agar and where does it come from?

The “algae” known as agar-agar, also known as “gelosa” in French and Portuguese-speaking countries, is not an algae itself, but a white substance formed by an extract of algae. Specifically, it is a compound extracted from various rhodophycean algae, that is, red algae, mainly of the genus Gelidium and/or Gracilaria. It is a polysaccharide that we find forming part of the structure of the wall of some algae. Its origins date back to Japan in the 17th century, there it is called "kanten", which means "cold sky" and originally it was obtained only from algae of the Gelidium genus, which is said to be where genuine agar-agar comes from. purer and less adulterated. In Japan traditionally the kanten is used in the preparation of desserts combined with fruits. Agar-agar: a healthy, refreshing and very fiber-rich jelly Agar-agar is a great option as a natural gelatin but it also has very interesting healthy qualities. It is very hydrating and due to its very high soluble fiber content and its great digestibility it is very favorable for intestinal transit. It is also satiating, very light and eminently refreshing. - Facilitates and regulates intestinal transit due to its high fiber content. - Provides minerals. - Helps eliminate stomach acidity. - It has less than 0.2% fat. - It's satiating. - Decreases the absorption of cholesterol and sugar. - Drag toxic waste. In Chinese medicine it is recommended to take it in summer or in hot conditions, due to its refreshing thermal nature.

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