dried wakeme seaweed

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Wakame seaweed is a brown seaweed, very similar to kombu.

Even dry they are confused with each other. Wakame is finer and greener when soaked. It is native to the waters of Japan, growing in fast-moving currents, just like Kombu. It is often eaten combined with vegetables. It is very tasty sautéed with onions, or soaked and served with cucumber and lemon juice, or with a summer salad dressed with vinegar. It is toasted a little in the oven and crushed until it becomes a powder, then used as a condiment for rice. It also pairs very well with soups, especially miso. Due to its mild flavor, it is the most used in the West, and the third in order of popularity in Japan. It is very similar to the nutritional level of Kombu, especially rich in calcium and the vitamin groups B and C. Like Kombu, it has the ability to soften the fibers of the food with which it is cooked. Nutritionally it provides vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. Rich in potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. Regenerates blood quality, improves kidney function, stimulates hormone production, facilitates postpartum recovery, and its continued use neutralizes excess nicotine and cholesterol in the blood.

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