Miso and Soybean Paste

Korean bean paste is similar to Japanese miso, which is a fermented food that represents both Korea and Japan, but they are actually different. Recently, 'fermented food' has become one of the food trends around the world, and there is a growing interest in Japanese miso and Korean bean paste. Both miso and Korean bean paste were made by fermenting soybeans, but there is a difference between the two. Miso is one of the essential fermented foods for Koreans. Soybean Fermented Soybean Paste is different from smile except that only pure soybeans are fermented. Unlike miso in Korea, Japanese miso is made by mixing yeast with soybeans. The name of miso changes depending on the ingredients of the yeast that is put into the beans. Japanese miso made by putting rice flour on soybeans is known as 'Kome miso', and miso made with barley yeast on soybeans is called 'mamemiso'.


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Miso Blanco Japonés | Marukome 1kg
pasta miso
Miso paste 140g Sale price€3,25
Pasta de soja Coreano Doenjang Vegan | Sempio 460g
Pasta Chunjang Coreano de frijol negro 500grs
Miso Rojo Japonés | Marukome 1kg
Pasta de soja Coreano Doenjang | Sempio 460g
Miso Coreano 500g
Korean Miso 500g Sale price€5,75
pasta de miso
Miso Paste 500g Sale price€7,25
Pasta jiajangmyeon Coreano de frijol negro 500grs | Wang
Instant Miso Sopa Tofu y Wakame 153grs | Marukome
Japanese White Miso 1kg
Japanese White Miso 1kg Sale price€10,95
Pasta de soja Coreano Ssamjang Vegan 500grs | Sempio
Doen-Jang Coreano Pasta de soja
Shinshu Awase Miso Komekoshi 1Kg
Instant Miso Sopa Aji Wakame 152grs | Marukome
Miso Tofu Nagano 500g
Miso Tofu Nagano 500g Sale price€7,95
Shiro Miso Blanco 400grs | Hikari
Sold out
Shiro Miso Blanco 1Kg | Hikari
Sold out
Miso Rojo Japonés Akatsubu  | Sushi King 1kg
Sopa Instantánea de Miso con crouton japonés y algas y cebolla verde
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Miso Japonés sabor Alga 500g
Instant Miso Sopa Aji Tofu Frito y Wakame 152grs | Marukome
Pasta amarilla de soja picante 340g
Aka Miso 400grs | Hikari | Miso Rojo