Explore the diversity of Asian beers, from mild lagers to robust ales. Discover unique flavors that reflect Asia's rich beer culture.


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Cerveza Coreano CASS 355ml
CASS Korean Beer 330ml Sale price€3,15
Cerveza Tailandesa SINGHA. 330 ml
Thai SINGHA beer. 330ml Sale price€2,85
Cerveza Japonesa SAPPORO. 330 ml
Cerveza Vietnamita SAIGON. 330 ml
Cerveza Japonesa ASAHI. 330 ml
ASAHI Japanese Beer. 330ml Sale price€2,45
Sold out
Japanese Beer Blanc | Kagua 330ml
Cerveza China TSINGTAO. 333 ml
Sold out
Japanese Ale Rouge Scented Beer | Kagua 330ml
Sold out
Cerveza Tailandés Lager CHANG 320ml
Thai Beer Lager CHANG 320ml Sale price€2,95